Bristol Comic Expo :)


Well the Cyborg Kitties are sleeping soundly after a long but awesomely fun weekend at Bristol Comic Expo which we both thoroughly enjoyed. It was amazing meeting all the different people, I had a battle of wits with The Riddler a thing that cannot be achieved in everyday life, we caught up with people on the other stalls that we met at Cardiff and met loads of other new people, all of which gave us wonderful advice on conventions and comics, in fact we even met convention goers that we met at Cardiff and new ones who we had long conversations with, mainly about the new Avengers film. All in all it was amazing fun and I really enjoyed it 🙂

Oscar Lord of the Dark was deemed more terrifying then anything, apparenty he had the genius nack of scaring children, we sold no raffle tickets for him all weekend 😦 and to be honest I was about to give up hope that he was ever going to find a loving home and then at the end of the second day of the Con, a lady came to enter the raffle with her little girl, there was no need for her to enter as no one else had so she paid for her raffle entrance and Oscar Lord of the Dark went to her and her little girl loved it, so I am very happy to see that Oscar has gone to a loving home 🙂

All in all we had an amazing weekend and met lots of lovely and interesting people 🙂 We are all revved up and inspired for the next one 🙂

Hope everyone who went had a wonderful time at the Convention 🙂

The Cyborg Kitty 🙂


Oscar Lord of the Dark :)

Only three more days to go until Bristol Comic Expo 🙂 Is everyone excited because I am 🙂

I said in the post before this about my idea of making another prize for the raffle, which would this time be a hand puppet 🙂 My theory was puppets are a lot of fun and no one can resist having a play 🙂 and what are comics and art about if they are not about having fun. The puppet is now completed and he is kinda cute, I have named him Oscar ( I am not even sure why) but whoever wins him I will be fine with him being renamed something more fitting to an evil Cyborg Cat, like I don’t know Lord of the Dark, or Mysterioso, or the Magnificent Mayhem, Hmmmm! maybe not. But to me he looks like an Oscar. Then again ask anyone I have a weird tendency of picking names that don’t really fit, like the last one I made I was convinced should be called Milo, that again is not a name suiting an evil Cyborg Cat 🙂

This is the hand puppet called Oscar. To be honest it has just probably dawned on me why he is named Oscar 🙂 It is an exscuse that I think any geek will allow me and it may be the reason I tell at the convention in the hope he will remain Oscar and not the lord of the dark. Then again he could be Oscar Lord of the Dark 🙂 I have been thinking recently that I want to watch Ghostbusters 2 again, I get these thoughts every now and again, because Ghostbusters is my favourate all time film and after not seeing it for a while I start to think that I should watch it again 🙂 Ghostbusters 2 is the one I haven’t as much so I have been thinking about watching it recently, as you do, making a Cyborg Kitty hand puppet and thinking I would like to watch Ghostbusters 2 later. This is probably why he is called Oscar as that is what the baby is called in that film, it is odd how the mind works sometimes 🙂




That is all for now 🙂 I am full of excitement awaiting the convention and now I just have the difficult task of deciding what clothes to take with me 🙂 The most difficult part of going anywhere is deciding what to take with you 🙂

All the best 🙂 See you all there 🙂

The Cyborg Kitty 🙂

Bristol Expo :)

Hi all :),

It is now officially becoming that time in the process of creating to get ready to man the battle stations 🙂 We are getting ready to go to Bristol Comic Expo on the 12th and the 13th of May and the date is looming nearer as we speak…or write as the case may be 🙂 Thankfully we are pretty much there with everything, train ticket….check, hotel booked…check, lots of postcards, comics and prints…check, seems like we are pretty much there, only one last thing on the agenda and that is to create a wonderful and fun raffle prize 🙂

My thinking this time is that it may be along the lines of a Cyborg Kitty teddy but more fun, more fun then that adorable ball of fluff that was at the last convention, how can you make something more fun then that? Well you can it is simple, only i don’t think I want to tell you as it will ruin the surprise if you come to the convention, let’s just say it is like an interactive Teddy. I have just realised how odd that sounds and almost like a Riddle 🙂 Okay riddle me this, what is like a teddy and yet fun, with no stuffing and fits like a glove??? Okay not the most difficult riddle in the world 🙂 So you guessed it i am making a Cyborg Kitty hand puppet, fun for all us big kids 🙂 or fun for terrifying others with your choice 🙂 Also available in the raffle will be a copy of both of the comics and some postacards and other fun stuff 🙂

I am really excited as we are pretty much ready 🙂 I am literally counting down the days 🙂 So if your free feel free to come and see us at Bristol 🙂

The Cyborg Kitty 🙂

Cardiff Expo :)

We had a lot of fun at Cardiff Expo last weekend and met lots of fun and interesting people. It was nice to find out more about what people like in there comics, art styles that people enjoy and there favourate stories in other comic book series 🙂 One of the things we had on our stall, I may have mentioned it in earlier posts was a Cyborg Kitty Teddy, it was basicaly a teddy version of our logo. He was the cutest thing and along with him we were raffling off a copy of both our comics and some postcards, to be honest I think most people were just interested in having there own Cyborg Cat. I did try to convince a few people that he should be called Milo, but not many people were convinced 🙂

Look at him isn’t he the cutest little Cat in his little purple bag 🙂










 A picture of us at the convention, talking to what appears to be shaun. I loved his costume, mainly because I love shaun of the dead, but also because he even made the ‘Hi I’m Shaun’ badge that he wears in work in the film. Though I am very glad that there was no zombie apocalypse as he appears to have forgotten his cricket bat 🙂






We had loads of fun at the convention in Cardiff and are now looking forward to the one in Bristol in May, if anyone is going to that one, then we will see you there 🙂

The Cyborg Kitty 🙂

Front Cover :) Style Swap :)

For Cardiff Expo we are realeasing an Ashcan, which has a sample of both of our work in as an example of what we do 🙂

This is a first draft of what the cover should look like, we wanted it to show both styles and in colour, not only does it look eye catching in colour, but it also contrasts well with the black and white inner pages.

The idea is to show both of our styles but in a different way.  So I drew his story  and he drew the character from mine, mainly this was for fun and to show that we could draw each others chracters in our own style. Dave never draws very gothic creations, well not really, and I don’t really draw anything robotic, not really 🙂 Our styles also differ a lot if you ever read the ashcan you’ll see that my style is rather sweet looking whereas Daves is more realistic in his style 🙂 so we thought it would be fun if we swapped stories on the cover. I think it works because both pieces look good and yet when you read the comics you’ll probably aggree with me that in the end they work better in the styles we intended for them 🙂

Anyway main thing was to show you the draft and see what you thought, I think it still needs a little bit of work but the layout is working and the type is a good size and doesn’t take up too much of the page 🙂


These are the original pieces of artwork that we created, the one i created with the pink robot in was originally intended as a piece to get a grasp of the characters. I drew this as a silly joke, if you look closely the robot is holding a skipping rope because she tried to skip with the old man still sitting in his chair, he is then telling her off for trying this, the lady next to them is trying not to laugh 🙂

The other is Dave’s drawing of my character from the short story that is in the ashcan, he really wasn’t sure about drawing this character as the story is actually about love and he is not a fan of love stories, but he read the story enjoyed it ven though he doesn’t like love stories. From this he drew this beautiful whimisical drawing of the main character which really seems to capture the essence of the story 🙂

This is the point that the ashcan is at at the moment, and I am enjoying creating a piece that shows both of our styles ready for the next convention 🙂


Cyborg Kitty

Cyborg Kitty :)

This is the official first post of the Cyborg Kitty, okay yes I know it is a random name but I will explain it honestly 🙂

Cyborg Kitty is essentially too people, Pink Robot Illustrations and the Kat in the Attic ( this is Kat speaking if you were wondering 🙂 and we create our own comics, sometimes as collaborations of ideas, well mostly actually as we are forever asking the otehrs advice opinions and thought on art and writing, so really if you read a comic written by Dave ( the pink robot) then you can be sure that I helped him out with some ideas and plans of action as to where it should go and vice versa any comic that says it is written by Kat is really had a lot of help and advice from Dave so it is really a collaboration of efforts. This is why we thought we would release our comics under the joint name of Cyborg Kitty, letting you the readers know that this one of our comics and random ideas.

Okay so the people.

My name is Kat and my style and way of working is like a cross between gothic and slightly scary and the strangest thing you have ever seen to a weirdly nice and friendly style with a slightly daft sense of humour. My stories are usually about people, in weird circumstances, so for instance Hector in my main comic Dee and Okault’s Dectective and Heroing Agency ( I know it’s a long title 🙂 is quite a normal grumpey detective in the modern world in a city somewhere in the north of England and yet he has a brother who thinks he is a hero from the time of myth and legend not an easy or normal situation to deal with. My work is mostly supernatural, but not in a normal way and also has elements of detective fiction, spoof and quirkey humour. Honestly that all makes sense if you ever read my work.

Dave’ s style is more along the science fiction way filled with future wastelands, massive robots and space ships. He tends to write more action adventure stories with lots of fighting and witty one liners 🙂 Maybe it would be best though if I let him expain in a later post what his style is and how he works 🙂

As you have probably figured from this our styles are very different, his is full of giant robots and mine full of gothic figures who should really eat more pies 🙂 This is why we called ourselves combined Cyborg Kitty 🙂 He is the Cyborg, the intelligent machine smashing its way through the world and i am the sweet little Kitty ( okay maybe not that sweet) 🙂 See I told you I’d exsplain the name 🙂

We are currently preparing for Cardiff Comic Expo where you will be able to buy lots of shiney things we have created 🙂

Cyborg Kitty 🙂