Cyborg Kitty

The Cyborg

Dave Powell– Okay so you caught me out he isn’t a Cyborg, but he is where the Cyborg element of the name comes from, creating comics that contain giant robots and space ships, his unique sense of humour and writing style lend itself well to the world of science fiction and action comics. Dave is an Illustrator who wears all black so naturally his illustration name is Pink robot Illustrations or Dave and the pink robot, I guess pink is the new black. For more information and to see his work please visit http://daveandpinkrobots.webs.com/.

The Kitty

Kat– is a cheerful goth and so is represented in her style by a black cat, cute and dark all at the same time. Her style tends to be more along the lines of horror comedy, with daft ideas and weird ideas leading her characters into situations that even they stops and go ‘Really?’ at.  The main comic she is working on at the moment is called Dee and Okault’s Detective and Heroing Agency, where in the first issue an evil Hotel appears in the city and trys to kill everyone or at least make them really miserable….do you see what i mean now? Odd situations : ) To see more of her work and to find out more visit her website at http://www.kat-in-the-attic.com/


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