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A Guest Blog Post :)

When we were at one of the conventions ( I think it was the first Cardiff Expo) we met the lovely people at the great escape ( who are a group of writers, comic book artists and film makers. I read some of there stories and decided to enter a competition they were having, the competition included illustrating one of the stories on there website 🙂 I chose one about a sad umbrella and entered with tgreat esc comp2his 🙂

I won the competition and was offered the opportunity to Illustrate for there new Anthology. I aggreed.  Mainly because i love stories and the stories they have wrote and created range from short to longer, poems, musings, slightly scary or just plain odd. Perfect for (in my mind) for anyone who loves stories. At the moment they are doing a Kickstarter project to raise money for this project and I just thought I would give you the oppotunity to read about it and hear about this project from one of the minds behind it 🙂

So here to do a guest blog post about it is Chrissey Harrison 🙂


A big thanks to Cyborg Kitty for inviting me to share a bit more about the project.

The Great Escape is a collaborative site where we showcase films, fiction and comics and, at times, try to cross the boundaries between them. Great Escapes | Volume 1 is the first anthology of fiction that we’ve produced. It features all the fiction published on the website during our first year, along with a bunch of new contributions.

We decided to make it an illustrated anthology for a number of reasons, but mainly just because we loved Kat’s art style. Kat chose three of the stories and did illustrations for us, and then we chose three more to commission, taking the total to six which will be spread out through the book.

It may seem strange to have illustrations in a book for adults, but we say why should kids have all the fun? Just because we got older, why can’t we have pictures in our books? The Great Escape is all about escapist entertainment; we value stories which fire the imagination and most of all those which capture a sense of adventure. We want our anthologies to create that same sense of excitement and adventure our readers got from the books they read as a child, and pictures fit right into that.

We’re taking the opportunity to do something unusual with this anthology by publishing it ourselves. The first edition print run will be financed through Kickstarter where our project has already reached its funding target. Ebook versions will also be available through The Great Escape website and major online retailers of digital content.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy of the anthology and even some great artwork extras from Kat, head on over to our Kickstarter project page But hurry, as the campaign closes on 5th December! After that, some of the rewards will no longer be available.

You can also find more information on our Books Page on The Great Escape. Further pre-orders of the book will be available there after the 5th December.

We hope you enjoy the book. You can also find The Great Escape on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks again to Cyborg Kitty and to Kat.