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Cardiff Comic Expo :) One day event :)

Back from Cardiff Expo and we had an awesome time 🙂

I love going to conventions because you meet lots of interesting people and unique individuals, Illustrators, comic book lovers ( at comic con this was probably a given), amazing costume makers, writers and all different members of the creative and alternative community 🙂 It is nice to get out there and find people who are just as into comics and things as we are 🙂

So what happened at the Expo. Well the wheel of awesome that I mentioned in the previous post and once I got the hang of telling people what it was, it was not confusing. It was basically a raffle, except you spun the wheel and got a small prize, but then got entered into a draw to win more stuff 🙂 Easy 🙂 Once we added washers either side as well, it spun amazing and sometimes we wondered whether it would actually stop or not 🙂 People seemed to really enjoy this game and I must admit this made me happy as that is what I made it for, to add more fun to the traditional raffle dynamic and to make sure everyone got a prize 🙂

To the left is a picture of the wheel of awesome 🙂








This is a picture of the stall before the doors were opened 🙂 All set up ready 🙂








I practically ambushed a girl dressed as the Riddler who walked past our table, as he is one of my favourate batman villians and I absolutely loved her costume 🙂 She seemed quite happy to pose for me and didn’t seem at all terrified by my enthusiasm 🙂









A picture of the fifth doctor and I can’t remember what the other character is off. What I do know is, she made that costume herself and it was incredible, very well done 🙂 I loved it 🙂 even though I didn’t know what character it was.






Another Doctor, this time the tenth one 🙂 A very happy doctor as he wished really hard and his dream came true. These two made an awesome tardis and docor combination and I imagine got stopped for more then one photo 🙂









That is all the photos I got from the expo I didn’t get time to get anymore, but trsut me when I tell you there were loads of amazing cotumes and the entire one day event was lots of fun 🙂