One Week-ish :)

Colour meΒ a shade of excited! Whatever the colour of excited may be. I woke up this morning with the sudden realisation that, not this weekend coming but the one after is the one day convention in Cardiff that we will be going to πŸ™‚

November has felt like such a long time away for so long that it never dawned on me that October was nearing the end and that November was creeping in very fast. This is Awesome! I have been looking forward to this convention for a while and am almost completely ready for it πŸ™‚ There are a few things still to sort and a few last minute preparations, but tother then that we are ready and we are excited to go πŸ™‚

i have a new idea for this convention, that is still being prepared πŸ™‚ the wheel of Awesome! you spin the wheel and you win something, simple as that, well maybe πŸ™‚ you’ll see if you attend the convention and if not I will put up photos when it is completed anyway πŸ™‚ this may be in place of the raffle or perhaps not! There is an idea of everyone who spins the wheel being entered into a draw to win some comics. This is not for certain yet and i am still playing around with some ideas, while the Cyborg Kitties play with wool in the cornor.

In other news the Ryder Graphic novel for which there has been an ashcan available for a while is completed and should be ready for sale soon πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know when I have further details but it looks awesome! andΒ  should look even more amazing in print πŸ™‚

So to some up, convention in just over a week πŸ™‚ I can’t wait πŸ™‚ Hopefully will meet lots of people there and have an awesome time πŸ™‚

See you there πŸ™‚


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