Oscar Lord of the Dark :)

Only three more days to go until Bristol Comic Expo 🙂 Is everyone excited because I am 🙂

I said in the post before this about my idea of making another prize for the raffle, which would this time be a hand puppet 🙂 My theory was puppets are a lot of fun and no one can resist having a play 🙂 and what are comics and art about if they are not about having fun. The puppet is now completed and he is kinda cute, I have named him Oscar ( I am not even sure why) but whoever wins him I will be fine with him being renamed something more fitting to an evil Cyborg Cat, like I don’t know Lord of the Dark, or Mysterioso, or the Magnificent Mayhem, Hmmmm! maybe not. But to me he looks like an Oscar. Then again ask anyone I have a weird tendency of picking names that don’t really fit, like the last one I made I was convinced should be called Milo, that again is not a name suiting an evil Cyborg Cat 🙂

This is the hand puppet called Oscar. To be honest it has just probably dawned on me why he is named Oscar 🙂 It is an exscuse that I think any geek will allow me and it may be the reason I tell at the convention in the hope he will remain Oscar and not the lord of the dark. Then again he could be Oscar Lord of the Dark 🙂 I have been thinking recently that I want to watch Ghostbusters 2 again, I get these thoughts every now and again, because Ghostbusters is my favourate all time film and after not seeing it for a while I start to think that I should watch it again 🙂 Ghostbusters 2 is the one I haven’t as much so I have been thinking about watching it recently, as you do, making a Cyborg Kitty hand puppet and thinking I would like to watch Ghostbusters 2 later. This is probably why he is called Oscar as that is what the baby is called in that film, it is odd how the mind works sometimes 🙂




That is all for now 🙂 I am full of excitement awaiting the convention and now I just have the difficult task of deciding what clothes to take with me 🙂 The most difficult part of going anywhere is deciding what to take with you 🙂

All the best 🙂 See you all there 🙂

The Cyborg Kitty 🙂


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