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Bristol Comic Expo :)


Well the Cyborg Kitties are sleeping soundly after a long but awesomely fun weekend at Bristol Comic Expo which we both thoroughly enjoyed. It was amazing meeting all the different people, I had a battle of wits with The Riddler a thing that cannot be achieved in everyday life, we caught up with people on the other stalls that we met at Cardiff and met loads of other new people, all of which gave us wonderful advice on conventions and comics, in fact we even met convention goers that we met at Cardiff and new ones who we had long conversations with, mainly about the new Avengers film. All in all it was amazing fun and I really enjoyed it 🙂

Oscar Lord of the Dark was deemed more terrifying then anything, apparenty he had the genius nack of scaring children, we sold no raffle tickets for him all weekend 😦 and to be honest I was about to give up hope that he was ever going to find a loving home and then at the end of the second day of the Con, a lady came to enter the raffle with her little girl, there was no need for her to enter as no one else had so she paid for her raffle entrance and Oscar Lord of the Dark went to her and her little girl loved it, so I am very happy to see that Oscar has gone to a loving home 🙂

All in all we had an amazing weekend and met lots of lovely and interesting people 🙂 We are all revved up and inspired for the next one 🙂

Hope everyone who went had a wonderful time at the Convention 🙂

The Cyborg Kitty 🙂


Oscar Lord of the Dark :)

Only three more days to go until Bristol Comic Expo 🙂 Is everyone excited because I am 🙂

I said in the post before this about my idea of making another prize for the raffle, which would this time be a hand puppet 🙂 My theory was puppets are a lot of fun and no one can resist having a play 🙂 and what are comics and art about if they are not about having fun. The puppet is now completed and he is kinda cute, I have named him Oscar ( I am not even sure why) but whoever wins him I will be fine with him being renamed something more fitting to an evil Cyborg Cat, like I don’t know Lord of the Dark, or Mysterioso, or the Magnificent Mayhem, Hmmmm! maybe not. But to me he looks like an Oscar. Then again ask anyone I have a weird tendency of picking names that don’t really fit, like the last one I made I was convinced should be called Milo, that again is not a name suiting an evil Cyborg Cat 🙂

This is the hand puppet called Oscar. To be honest it has just probably dawned on me why he is named Oscar 🙂 It is an exscuse that I think any geek will allow me and it may be the reason I tell at the convention in the hope he will remain Oscar and not the lord of the dark. Then again he could be Oscar Lord of the Dark 🙂 I have been thinking recently that I want to watch Ghostbusters 2 again, I get these thoughts every now and again, because Ghostbusters is my favourate all time film and after not seeing it for a while I start to think that I should watch it again 🙂 Ghostbusters 2 is the one I haven’t as much so I have been thinking about watching it recently, as you do, making a Cyborg Kitty hand puppet and thinking I would like to watch Ghostbusters 2 later. This is probably why he is called Oscar as that is what the baby is called in that film, it is odd how the mind works sometimes 🙂




That is all for now 🙂 I am full of excitement awaiting the convention and now I just have the difficult task of deciding what clothes to take with me 🙂 The most difficult part of going anywhere is deciding what to take with you 🙂

All the best 🙂 See you all there 🙂

The Cyborg Kitty 🙂